Frizzle/Frazzle Thunder Acres Funny Farm provides the best care for your pet!

About Us

We are a small ,family owned business.

We have Red Polish,Golden Laced Polish, White Crested White Polish & Black Crested Black Polish, Buff Laced Polish, Top Hat Specials , White Crested Blue Polish & Silver Laced Polish.

We have White Silkies, Partridge Silkies, Blue Showgirs,Porcelians & Orange Silkies.,Silver Partridge Silkies,Blue Silkies & Silkie Splash.

We have India Blue Black Shoulder Peafowl, White Pied Peafowl.

We have a huge selection of pigeons & pheasants.

We have ducks.

We have Silver Pheonix

Java Hybrid..

We have Mottled Houdan

Russian Orloff coming soon.

Speckled Sussex coming soon. .

We have Nigerian Goats.

We only feed our flocks and goats the best of everything.

We keep them up to date on everything.

 Contact us here.

434-996-7548, If we miss your call, leave a message, with your phone number,we will return your call w/in 3 hours .

Or email us @;

We will also return any and all emails w/in 3 hours.



We breed all of the above & rehome, with a small rehoming fee

We are special priced on everything for todays' economy.






















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